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Erica Joi

Fit Goddess (N.C.S.F.)

Age: 27


Specialized Training: Weight Loss, Curves, Lean Muscle, Abs, Glutes, Legs


I'm a mom from Riverside Ca. and I love to eat, train, model, spend time with my family and express creativity in anything I do.


I got into training because I love to help people but I also love health and fitness, so why not help someone with most vital thing in life. Plus helping someone reach their goal, boost their confidence, and see how much happier they are is the greatest reward you get because it changes their life for the better.

Kedy Enabulele

Hello my name is Kedy Nosa Enabulele certified by NASM. I been a professional trainer for 4years. I played professional football for a year. I train all sports and also your everyday person too. I provide drills, strength training, and flexibility training that relates to that specific sport in the OPT format. 


My approach to training a normal individual which also uses the OPT model which consist of 5 phases and 3 levels , 1. Stabilization Endurance 2. Strength Endurance 3. Hypertrophy 4. Maximal Strength 5. Power (the 5 phases) the 3 levels are Stabilization, Strength, and Power. Depending on what the client goals and desires will determined the level and phases they will have in their program.

Brandon Marbley

Mind Bending Fitness

Age: 27


Reason for getting into training: To help provide others with the confidence to be more passionate, courageous and consistent while we laugh our way to a healthier lifestyle!!


Specialized Training: Abs / Core / Shredding


I am a Former Collegiate Athlete with an Extremely high energy level who loves to switch it up with workouts outside of the box. I smile A LOT and do not believe in Excuses. You will always get out exactly what you put in. While we will put in the work, my challenge to you is to apply the same concepts we use in the gym, to every day life! Changing lives and Building Better People, one workout at a time! - Mind Bending Fitness

Tommy Clark

Age: 27

I like to lift weights. I eat a lot of food.


I am a npc national mens physique competitor. I'm a great trainer.


My clients get results fast.

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